Yoga | Massage | Aromatherapy


My name is Hanna Vea Morfogen and I am a yoga instructor, massage therapist, bodyworker, and essential oil enthusiast. I am dedicated to creating a safe space where individuals can explore mind and body to live a full and abundant life.



As a yoga teacher I am dedicated to creating safe space for students to explore and connect to body, mind & spirit. My classes are energetic and lighthearted while I encourage students to tap into their own movement and thought patterns so that their yoga is as physically beneficial as it is emotionally and spiritually. My classes are informed by years of dance training, anatomy & kinesiology, alignment, yoga philosophy, subtle energy, Chinese medicine, massage therapy, bodywork, and Reiki.



Every body is completely unique and in a constant state of change. Treatments will be varied based on your current physical, emotional, and energetic needs and can include a combination of eastern & western massage techniques, tools, and aromatherapy.



Learn what happens when you combine the physical healing benefits of CPTG essential oils with emotional intelligence and mindfulness. I make custom rollerballs using 8-15 different essential oils to address your unique needs. Please follow the link below to complete a short form for a custom 10ml rollerball. Each blend comes custom made with a handwritten card that includes the ingredients listed, directions on how to use and how often, and a unique affirmation or mantra to repeat to yourself when using your blend.



Privates, collaborations, workshops, teacher training, books, plant advice, favorite foods? I'm all yours.